3 Photos of a Foul that was NOT Called

This is a foul and needs to be called. Red 11 is a defender and she has established legal position on the ball when white illegally makes contact from behind.
Additionally take a look at where the ball is. It’s on the left foot of red 11. And where is white’s contact coming from? The opposite side from the ball, this is another clue that this play is a foul.

If you saw the initial contact and you weren’t quite sure if it was fair or foul you have a second chance to get this play correct. When red 11 falls to the ground you have another chance to blow your whistle and correctly call the foul against white.

This is a series of 3 photos of the same incident.  The first is the initial contact, the second is the defensive player red 11 falling and the third is medical attention being administered the the now injured player red 11.  As referees we can’t prevent injuries but we certainly need to call fouls on plays when illegal contact results in injury.

We also have to STOP PLAY QUICKLY to allow injured players to be tended to.  Please do NOT allow play to continue while a player is down.  Stop play, allow coaches onto the field and if the ball was in play when you stopped play the correct restart is a drop ball from the location of the ball when you stopped play.

The result of this play was red 11 broke her right ankle.
In addition to this play not being called a foul play was allowed to continue for an extended period of time before play was stopped to allow medical attention for red 11.PLEASE STOP PLAY QUICKLY to allow injured players to be tended to. We are reffing kids and their safety is our paramount duty as referees.


About willniccolls

Referee Program Director for Washington Youth Soccer, Washington State Youth Referee Administrator, Former USSF National Referee from 2002-2007, US Youth Soccer National Young Referee of the Year in 1998
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