Grade 8 Referee Program

We have assembled a working group of long-tenured referee instructors to create a clearly defined “second step” for all new referees once they complete their grade 8 entry level clinic.

Retention – It is the goal of this working group to create a system/program/plan that will increase our retention rate for new, first year referees.  Once the system is designed it will be supported by the State Referee Committee and implemented statewide.

  • Engage assignors in this effort as assignors have the most contact with individual referees.
  • Better connect brand new referees to assignors.  Create an accurate list of all assignors in WA and the games assigned by each assignor.
  • Use youth “jamboree” events to train/mentor new referees.  Encourage each youth club/association to host such an event each year.

The 7 members of this work group are: Bob Fadden, Juris Jansons, Wain Jackson, Jim Kritzberg, Cindy Moore, Will Niccolls, Steve Thorson


About willniccolls

Referee Program Director for Washington Youth Soccer, Washington State Youth Referee Administrator, Former USSF National Referee from 2002-2007, US Youth Soccer National Young Referee of the Year in 1998
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