WA Referee Development Team

We need to improve the quality of the feedback we give our referees. We need more, better assessors and mentors.  We need you to join us as we create a new fleet of people who can develop our referees.  Since the RDA in Ellensburg we have seen tremendous energy from referees to upgrade and advance but we need more bodies to support/train/develop/assess our eager referees. 

Curriculum development specialist Brad Board facilitated a weekend clinic that involved high-level leadership development.  Our National Assessors led the soccer instruction; Sandy Hunt, Mohammad Zarrbi-Kashani and Cory Dean. Jim Madrid is the leadership development guru employed by the Sounders to develop their athletes and he was an instrumental piece of the weekend’s success.

We are also combining with WAISOA and WIAA to create a cohesive referee develop program.

Elements of our new referee development philosphoy includes instructing assessors and mentors to focus on:

The Next Match – 100% focus on tomorrow

Problem Solvers

Providers of Answers

Must fix and give solutions

Be Positive

Performance, Performance, Performance and Success, Success, Success

Teach to not repeat problems.  Solve what was a problem in this game then move onto solving the problems in the next game. No dwelling on the past.


About willniccolls

Referee Program Director for Washington Youth Soccer, Washington State Youth Referee Administrator, Former USSF National Referee from 2002-2007, US Youth Soccer National Young Referee of the Year in 1998
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