Fall 2014 Points of Emphasis

Fall 2014 Points of Emphasis
Washington Youth Soccer

To all Referees, Coaches, Players and Parents:

As we enter into the busy fall season of Washington Youth Soccer we thank all of our coaches, parents, volunteers and referees for playing such important roles in facilitating positive experiences for our players. While all Laws of the Game are of great importance as this 2012 fall season begins we bring special attention to three points of emphasis. We ask that everyone involved in youth soccer please be aware of these points of emphasis and work to ensure their implementation.

1) Concussion Awareness – Head Injury Prevention – Injury Management
Contact to a player’s head is not legal contact. Referees need to be unwavering in calling fouls and when necessary issuing the proper misconduct. Especially important to watch for is elbow to head contact. The primary duty of our referees is to ensure the safety of all players. When players are injured and remain on the ground please quickly stop play and allow the player to be attended to. There is no need to allow play to continue when players are hurt and on the ground.

2) Goalkeeper Safety
Goalkeepers are at times very vulnerable and referees need to error on the side of safety in calling fouls against attacking players when contact is made against goalkeepers.
Offside flags from AR’s need to be raised immediately when a player in an offside position could make contact with the goalkeeper. The definition of “involved in active play” is broadened to include players in offside positions who could make a challenge to the goalkeeper. Please keep our goalkeepers safe.

3) Respectful Communication
Please work to establish respectful relationships with everyone involved in each game. We all have to be accountable for our words and actions. Respectful questions deserve answers. Disrespectful behavior needs to be immediately addressed, then, if necessary, sanctioned with misconduct and reported. Avoiding or ignoring disrespectful behavior is not acceptable. It is imperative that coaches, parents and referees work together to create positive experiences for the players.

We wish you a wonderful and busy fall season of youth soccer.
Will Niccolls
Referee Program Director


About willniccolls

Referee Program Director for Washington Youth Soccer, Washington State Youth Referee Administrator, Former USSF National Referee from 2002-2007, US Youth Soccer National Young Referee of the Year in 1998
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